Gundogan opens up about choosing Man City over Liverpool

Gundogan opens up about choosing Man City over Liverpool

In the summer 2016, Liverpool approached Manchester city midfielder Ilkay Gundogan to convince him to get reunited with Jurgen Klopp again.

However, he rejected the opportunity to join Liverpool and went for Man City instead. So why is that?

“I feel like if I don’t challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, I’m not going to change anything and won’t improve,” he said.

“So I had a great four years with Jurgen and I love him as a person and a manager but I felt it was time for something else.

“I wanted to leave Dortmund in Dortmund and didn’t want to think about the time that I had with him when I was joining a new club.

“That was a bit of the reason why I didn’t want to join Liverpool.”

He added: “Obviously, on the other side there was Pep Guardiola who I loved watching when he was at Barcelona – the way he made his team play.

“When he was with Bayern Munich, I played against him and you felt on the pitch how strong his sides were and it was always a dream to call him my manager one day.

“At that point, I had the possibility to train and play for him and the combination with Man City was perfect.

“I just thought okay that’s the next step for me and the next challenge.

“Even though the start was not so easy, I think I’ve made the right decision and I’m very happy here.”

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