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Hazard to Real Madrid, Costa fight is proof of a mass propaganda machine at work!


As the mainstream media continues to works it’s propaganda machine, you the readers and writers continue to help them.

Here’s why

Now this obviously doesn’t apply to all, but you know who you are, you are the ones that share the mainstream media’s posts and articles, you continue to switch on to hear the BS propaganda fake news spread everyday, you know its lies but you still continue to indulge them.

And the ‘sports writers’ out there too scared to report against the mainstream media, grow some balls, you know what’s fake news, call it out, the problem is you are too scared that you won’t get a job anywhere by going against the fray to report the actual truth, sad.

To that I say, go do your homework, there are many Journalists out there that established themselves by being different, being a robotic writer will only aid you in fading into the background writing topics handed to you and having to write them the way you are told, you will gain no respect from the readers as they will call out your fake news BS.

You are not helping the cause, only making it worse and it’s frustrating for a Journalist like me who calls out the fake news everyday.

You have have become part of the mainstream media propaganda machine and most of you don’t even know it, the media reports something and you writers jump on it without even giving it a thought, you are doing most of the work for them.

It’s all about the money and agenda’s, the money and agenda is not for you it’s for them, and you are a puppet, wake up, cut the strings and start thinking for yourself.

You ignore the facts and report the mainstream media lies, Hazard to Real?, you have spun that for it feels 2-3 years now, forgetting the fact that recently Hazard said his future was a Chelsea with no interest in a move, he also said it when Jose was manager, also Real Madrid ready to swap James Rodriguez for Eden Hazard? C’mon, how many times have we heard that?, so many.

You are only killing your own career and it’s your own fault.

This only proves that when the mainstream media feel like spinning a story for an agenda and they need to get their lies out there all they have to do is let you know, you believe it, share it, write it and spread it, you became their propaganda machine.

The same tactics are used in countries like North Korea, let that sink in.

But what can I do, some might ask, well, you could stop looking to the same sources that lie to you, stop paying people to lie straight to you through cable and newspapers, the writers can start pushing back and telling the fans the truth.

Do you really think Hazard is going to Real Madrid? Really? Do you really think Costa is unhappy at Chelsea? Really?

Or have you noticed the same lies every year, same players, same scenarios? look it up? Last season Costa apparently had a fight with staff the same week they played Leicester, this year Costa apparently had a fight with staff the same week they played Leicester.

It’s all the same script people, time to wake up, start researching, the rabbit hole is deep.

Let’s push back against the fake news, the BS and the writers that aid the mainstream media.

In an age of lies, the truth is revolutionary.

Time to revolt…

What will you do?

By Steve Milne @SteveMilneNews



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