‘He could have been killed’ Really Fergie?

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, claimed that Robin Van Persie could have died today on the football field after he was hit in the head with a ball from Swansea defender, Ashley Williams.

After the game had haulted, the Swans defender booted the ball and it head the Dutchman square in the head which angered the striker.

He told Sky Sports: “I think the FA has got to look into it. Irrespective of him having a yellow card he should be banned for a long, long time. It’s the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a football field for many, many years.

“(It was) absolutely deliberate. the whistle’s gone, the game has stopped and he’s done that a foot from the player. He could have killed the lad – it’s a disgraceful act and he should be banned for a long, long time.”

Swansea defender, Ashley Williams, defended his actions after the game.

Williams said: “I tried to clear the ball it hit him on the head. I was trying to clear the ball. He was obviously a bit angry about that. It was a much ado about nothing.”

In his time the United manager has said some things, but I think this tops it off, claiming a football could have killed his striker. He must be forgetting when his striker kicked a fan in the head and his midfielder ended a player’s career by tackling him on his thigh.

Alex William Batt

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