How Antonio Conte got injured recently | and he blames these guys!!

The Blues Boss picked up a calf strain in a Chelsea training session.

Conte was clearly annoyed at the failing mainstream media Journalists asking him trivial non important questions.

Take the hint mainstream media, everyone is tired of your BS tactics

Anyway, Conte responded at first with : “My injury is not important!”

The man is trying to talk about the team’s performance and more important issues, but instead he has to deal with leeching bloodsucking Journalists.

“I have a big problem in my calf… but the fault is Carlo Cudicini and Steve Holland because I wanted to run with them and I paid for it because they ran very strong.

“I am getting better.”

And then he was asked the most important question of the day about if he will be sitting down on the bench for when Chelsea play Stoke tomorrow though.

He responded: “No, no, no, no, no!

“But during the game against Crystal Palace I suffered a lot by standing up.”

And that is it, see this below, that’s me standing in the door way as the mainstream media journalists leave the press conference

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Remember people, the mainstream media…is…all…fake news!

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