Hunt Hails “Gentleman” Petr Cech

Stephen Hunt has said he is thankful to Petr Cech for his attitude after the horrific clash.

The the-then Chelsea goalkeeper was left with a fractured skull after Hunt’s challenge on him.

Former Queens Park Rangers star Stephen Hunt has hailed Petr Cech for his “gentleman” like attitude after his challenge left the former Chelsea goalkeeper with a fractured skull. The player has thanked the Czech Republic international, who is in his last season at Arsenal, for his attitude and not taking any “easy shot” on Hunt for the incident.

Hunt said, “I don’t know him personally, I don’t know him that well, but for him it would have been very easy to criticise me. It would have been an easy shot at me if he wanted and he never did, so that along the line of my career has helped me, I suppose, because if he did start firing some bullets at me or [had said] I was a disgrace or anything like that, then I would have been more scrutinised for the tackle.”

He added, “The fact that he has behaved the way he has all those years, I’m thankful of. He’s a wonderful keeper and, going forward, I’m sure he’ll be a success.”

Cech was rushed to the hospital after the horrific incident to repair the skull fracture and has since then worn a headgear on the pitch.

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