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I can be Mourinho’s Ronaldinho


Willian has become a fan favourite at Stamford Bridge after joining from Anzhi just over a year ago and he thinks he can be like the influential Ronaldinho.

“I’ve always had the speed, the acceleration and the desire to try to dribble with the ball quickly. Ever since I was young that’s been my sort of game.”

“However, when I was growing up I learned that there are different parts of a game- parts where you need to play with a fast tempo, to accelerate, to move the ball quickly; but also other parts when you need to pause the game. To keep control of the ball, to take your time in thinking about what you’re going to do.”

“I think it’s something that comes from Brazilian players. Let me give you Ronaldinho as an example.”

“Ronaldinho is one of my favourite players. He is somebody I have always looked up to. Sometimes when you watch him you see him dribble the ball quickly, to use his acceleration and skill together to inject speed in to a move.”

“Other times you see he is very steady and calm with the ball. He slows it down, and then with a bit of magic he dies something special. That sort of style is part of the Brazilian culture.”


Written by Connor Breen 



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