“I will not change!” – Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola says he will not change Manchester City’s attacking style ahead of their clash on Sunday.


“No. At the end we have to try. We have to defend better. When we create these kind of chances the opponents have to sit back.

“The problem in Monaco was that in the first half we did not create. We can’t play the way we did in the first 45 minutes, that’s why we are out. But over the two legs, I am very happy.

“Most of the goals we conceded were our mistake, it’s happened many times this season and hopefully it will happen less next season.”

“I’m so happy with the squad, the speculation is normal when you’re out of the competition, it happens everywhere not just in the Premier League,” he said. “But I’ve said many times, I’m so happy working with these guys and how they try to do and how good performances they make.

“We are going to improve a lot with these guys. Next season a lot of these guys will be here. Lessons can be learned, that’s pretty sure. For a lot of my players it’s the first time they’ve played in this competition. We have to improve and we are going to try to be more stable in the next season. There is a big gap to improve.”

Pep Guardiola also confirmed that he was already aware of Yaya Toure’s desire to remain at the Etihad.

 “I knew that. I knew that months ago. All these issues we’re going to talk about at the end of the season,” he said.

Vincent Kompany will not be in the squad for Sunday’s game against Liverpool as he continues to work his way back to full fitness.

“I left him out because he’s been injured for a while and it would be a risk to put him in if he might get injured again,” Guardiola said. “That’s why I would like a little bit more time with him to be sure. But we’re so happy with his progress.”

He said: “For the qualification for the Champions League will be tough until the last game of the Premier League. Except, of course, Chelsea, the other contenders will be there until the end of the season.

“It is good to see how everybody will react, me myself, the players after being out of the Champions League. Of course, this is an important game before the national team break and against one of the best teams in the Premier League.

“He’s a top coach [Klopp]. He spots little process. He attacks tight, they win the ball in attack. He likes to attack in four, five, six seconds all the time. They’re a top team, a top trainer. I have a lot of respect for him.”

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