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Injury almost cost Foster career.


West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed that a freak foot injury left him fighting for his professional career. 

The keeper suffered the injury in unusual circumstances, as he snapped a bone in his foot during the fixture against Everton, at Goodison Park, in August. 

The injury was even more odd, as Foster had no-one around him when the unfortunate injury occured.

Foster then had surgery to repair the problem, but had to endure four months on the sidelines.  

Following the surgery, the Herfordshire born keeper was unable to walk for eight weeks.

Speaking in an interview with Tabloid Newspaper The Daily Star, Foster stated….

“It was the bone that takes most of the weight through the foot when you push off. For keepers, who are always on their toes, it’s a bad injury.

“I literally pushed and heard this click, and that was it.

“It was a horrible, horrible injury and it’s been a long, hard road back. If that injury happens to an outfield player, it is really touch and go whether they keep on playing.

“The doctor said if the bone didn’t knit, we were looking at having to fuse it together – and a year out.

“I was very worried that I’d miss the whole season and if the operation didn’t work, even longer.” 

Foster also has ambitions of a World Cup place, having come out of international retirment last year. 

 “Brazil is where I want to be this summer. I’m 30 and I’ve never done a World Cup.” 

Foster’s Albion face an in-form Everton at the Hawthorns, in a Televised game on Monday evening. 

By Ben Reardon 




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