Inter Milan to play behind clsoed doors

Inter Milan will reportedly have to play their next two matches behind closed doors.

The situation comes to place after Inter fans were found guilty of racist chants against Napoli defender Koulibaly.

Italian football federation president Gabriele Gravina said the racist chants were inteolerable. “Football is the heritage of true supporters and as such should be defended from all those who use it as a tool to create tension,” he said. “We condemn all forms of both physical and verbal violence, with the aggravating circumstance of racial discrimination. We do not tolerate such behaviour ruining football.”

Anti-discrimination organisation Fare praised Napoli manager Ancelotti for his stance and warning against racism. “Under Ancelotti’s leadership the position of Napoli on racism and discriminatory abuse is clear, we note that the club previously threatened to take their players off the pitch before a match against Atlanta on 3 December,” it said. “Kalidou Koulibaly has consistently been the target of an alarming level of racist abuse while playing against clubs across Italy, including Atlanta, Juventus, Lazio and now Inter Milan. Too often, the punishments handed out by Italian football authorities are weak and ineffective.”

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