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Is Conte leaving Chelsea? The Italian responds to the rumours!


Antonio Conte is closing in on the Premier League title in his first season and as always, when a manager or player are doing well the fail stream media has to circulate rumours of disbandment.

And as always, they are wrong.

The mainstream media has been banging on about how just about every player is leaving Chelsea and Conte will follow.

IF that were the case and the mainstream media were right, who would be left at the club? just the janitors or are they also rumored to be leaving as well?


Anyhow, Conte once again responded to the failing lie-stream media debunking ALL their ridiculous claims he is leaving Stamford Bridge at the end of the season.

In fact it’s quite the opposite, he’s planning big things.

‘Now we are fighting hard, we are trying to end this season by achieving something important and unexpected,’ he told Sky in Italy.

‘Then we will certainly try to build something important together.’

Asked whether he was referring to next season, Conte replied: ‘Yes, for the next season.’

So you can stop now fail stream media, your constant attack on football clubs especially Chelsea this season is blatantly obvious and pathetic.


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