Jack Wilshere did NOTHING wrong

SillySeason’s Alex Batt talks about midfielder’s antics at parade

A lot has been made of Jack Wilshere’s antics during Arsenal’s FA Cup parade on Sunday afternoon, but the media response to it has been nothing but pathetic and ridiculous.

Arsenal had just won a record-breaking 12th FA Cup title and were celebrating the day after in front of their fans outside the Emirates Stadium. After showing off the trophy, a player from the club’s academy and a boyhood supporter of the club picked up the microphone and started orchestrating some Arsenal chants.

The chant Wilshere sang was one that Arsenal fans use a lot inside the Emirates Stadium. Usually one person will start it off by shouting ‘What Do You Think of Tottenham?’, to which others reply with the word ‘s**t’, it then continues by the lead man shouting out ‘What Do You Think of s**t?’, to which you reply ‘Tottenham’.

It’s a famous chant for Arsenal fans and it’s used week-in, week-out at match-days. No-one batters an eyelid and no media outlets pick up on it.

So why have so many people been quick to ridicule Wilshere for doing it? The midfielder has been at Arsenal since the age of eight. He’s worked his way up from the Youth Team and graduated to their first-team and just won an FA Cup with his boyhood club. Why shouldn’t he be chanting about it?

It seems most people are getting offended because of the word Wilshere shouted at in front of the fans, with some saying he’s being a bad role-model. Well I am sure children have heard similar things at football matches, and probably a lot worse.

Wilshere is a professional footballer, but he’s also a fan. A fan of Arsenal who will rightfully dislike their fierce-local rivals. All he has done is show his passion towards The Gunners. Something that A LOT of football players don’t have these days.

In a season where Jake Livermore has been found guilty of using cocaine, Adam Johnson has been done for having sex with a 15-year-old and a group of Leicester City players have filmed a racist sex video, most of today’s media is focusing on how bad Jack Wilshere is for the game just because of a chant he did for his beloved club.

Lets not just focus on Wilshere here though, every club has songs against their rivals. Don’t Spurs fans call Arsene Wenger a paedophile? Surely that’s worse than the term s**t.

Arsenal have confirmed that they won’t be taking action against Wilshere and so they shouldn’t. Why should they punish a player for loving the club?

Ridiculous from the media to slaughter him and also ridiculous from some fans saying it’s out of order.

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt – @AlexsArticles

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