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Jamie Carragher : Everyone at Manchester United has got to do a lot more.


Gary Neville has found a supporter in Jamie Carragher following his rant suggesting sacking Jose Mourinho won’t fix things for Manchester United.

Neville responded to a published article in Mirror which claimed the gaffer will be relieved off his duty irrespective of the results against Newcastle United. It hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Mourinho as the gaffer has struggled to implement his strategy this time.

Recent results have put the gaffer on the wrong foot and any future debacles would put him in severe danger. Carragher said,  “I think he is right – although there’s more problems than just the board. He knows Manchester United better than anyone. He’s as passionate about United as any fan. You can see that in the interview. I think people love it when a pundit speaks so passionately – it’s emotional. He’s not putting on an act – it’s real the way he feels about his own club. I couldn’t argue with what he said.”

“You do have to look at the players, are they doing enough? The manager himself, too. Gary has defended Jose Mourinho. I think we all feel for managers as they are the ones in the spotlight and deal with all the criticism. They are the ones in front of the cameras three or four times a week answering questions, other people can hind behind that.

“Everyone at Manchester United has got to do a lot more.”


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