Jermain Defoe reveals conversation with Paul Pogba

Bournemouth striker Jermain Defoe spoke about his conversation with Paul Pogba and what the Frenchman had to say about Manchester United. The 35-year old said that Pogba has the right attitude to shut up his critics.

Defoe said, “It’s funny, I spoke to Paul when they came down to Bournemouth. He knows he needs to do more, he said to me ‘I want to do more, it’s not as easy as people think’.

There’s times where he struggled with his fitness and he’s played in games not 100 per cent fit. But I think he’s one of those characters where he knows he needs to do well, he’s got the right attitude.”

Defoe also said that he was impressed with the way Pogba has settled at the club following the World Cup. He said, “To be honest, to come back after a World Cup, especially when you’ve won, not really have a rest and to put in a performance, especially in the first 20 minutes, it’s something that’s not easy. So credit to him to be honest.”

Manchester United is playing Brighton and Hove Albion currently and the score at half-time is 3-1 to Brighton.

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