Joachim Low Rejects Mesut Ozil Racism Claims

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Germany boss Joachim Low has rejected Mesut Ozil’s racism claims. Ozil accused of being racially abused within the national team and announced his retirement following the World Cup.

Germany were knocked out of the World Cup from the group stages of the World Cup following their loss to Sweden. Following the debacle in the World Cup , Germany will be willing to prove their worth when they face France on 6th September in the UEFA Nations League.

Ozil was severely criticised after he was pictured with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan alongside another Germany footballer Illkay Gundogan. Earlier a number of Germany footballers refuted Ozil’s accusations and now the German national coach has echoed their version.

“We underestimated the influence of these pictures with Erdogan. My only thought was to prepare well for the World Cup.

“Mesut Ozil did not even call me. His agent called me instead. I’ve tried to reach Mesut several times but we did not talk until this day.

“We are disappointed with Ozil’s decision to retire but we have to accept that. However, he was exaggerating a bit when it comes to racism. There was never a single attempt of racism or anything similar in our team.”

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