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Joey Barton thought he was joining Manchester United but was pranked


Joey Barton has revealed that he believed a prank that Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him at Manchester United back in 2011.

The controversial footballer, currently with Scottish Premiership side Rangers, has realeased an autobiography entitled ‘No Nonsense’.

Barton was travelling to sign for Queens Park Rangers in 2011 when his agent Wille McKay claimed he’d got a call from legendary United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The 34-year-old reveals in his book: “Finally, a big club, and a great manager, had come to their senses.

“I would give Manchester United’s midfield a bit of bite, an injection of urgency. What are you waiting for? I asked McKay. Turn the bloody car round.” he added.

However, McKay then sold the news to Barton that it wasn’t actually Sir Alex on the phone, but instead his friend Charlie.

So instead the midfielder signed a four-year deal with the newly-promoted club at Loftus Road.

Barton was suspended by Rangers last week following a training-ground altercation.

‘No Nonsense: The Autobiography’ came out on Thursday 22 September 2016 and has more enticing stories included.

By Drew Darbyshire (@DarbySports)


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