John Toshack slams Gareth Bale for individualistic play

Former Wales manager John Toshack has lambasted Gareth Bale saying that the Real Madrid star does not play for the team. The 30-year-old helped his national team notch a draw after scoring the equalizer against Croatia. Toshack, who also Real Madrid for a brief period in his career, said that certain aspects and techniques of Bale’s game make him more injury-prone than others.

Bale has won four Champions League titles but only one league title with Real Madrid.

“I remember one day, against Croatia or Greece, we had a free-kick on the right-wing and Bale runs up at the right side of the ball and ‘pam’, with the outside of his boot,” he told Libero.

“I said to him: ‘Hey Gareth, take care with this [technique]. Ligaments, cartilages, take care’.”

“We had another free-kick and he did exactly the same, but it resulted in a goal and I said: ‘See, do what you want!’.”

“But I’ve seen Bale injured, and many times I think these [injuries] are related to this.”

“Bale doesn’t take part in the game, for possibly for five minutes he is around the edges of a game but he doesn’t participate, and then suddenly he sprints to come back.”

“With him it is sometimes like playing with 10 players. He is very individualistic.”
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