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Jordan Henderson wants Flanagan deal


Captain urges club to reward youngster with new deal

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has urged the club to offer Jon Flanagan a new long-term contract.

The 23-year-old full-back is out of contract in the summer, and despite having serious injury problems throughout the years, he’s already been nicknamed the Merseyside Cafu.

Flanagan is a fan favourite at Anfield due to being a local-lad, and Henderson is desperate for the club to offer him a new deal.

The left-back broke into the first-team a few years ago, but after a string of serious injuries, his development stalled and he fell down the pecking order at Anfield.

Despite the fitness issues, Henderson has urged the club to offer him a new deal so that he can’t walk out on the club for free.

Henderson Plea

“It’s huge that it gets sorted out,” said Henderson. “I don’t think players and people like Flanno grow on trees to be honest.

“You have people like him and Stevie and Carra who have come through the academy and the fans feel as though they are one of them really, which they are.

“His whole family supports Liverpool. He has been a Liverpool supporter since he was a kid and he has had a difficult time for the last year, two years, but what I have seen him do behind the scenes is incredible really.

“I was only out for three or four months (earlier this season) but that felt long for me and it was difficult for me to handle because I had never experienced that length of time out.

“But for the injury he had, and how long he was out, it was incredible the way he went about it.

“Every day in here he came in with a smile on his face, did his work and for me you need to be rewarding people like that.

“Now he has back and the games he has played it is as if he has never been away. He has been brilliant. In training it is exactly the same.

“He is a huge player for us, a huge player for the club and the fans as well. It is in everyone’s interests for that to be sorted out soon.”

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt


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