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Jordan Pickford Has His Say On Alisson’s Mistake


Jordan Pickford has insisted he will not fancy risky things in the goal. The Everton keeper’s comment came following Liverpool custodian Alisson’s costly mistake against Leicester City which almost robbed them of from a win.

The ability to initiate the attack from the back is regarded as a rare quality and Alisson does have the knack to build the attack from his place. The keeper earned heavy plaudits for his exceptional skills against Brighton & Hove Albion but in the following game, he miserably failed while repeating the same thing.

Pickford who shot to fame with his heroics in the World Cup confirms he will not do anything which risks his team. “The quality of goalkeepers is very good, you have to be good at using your feet.

“It’s something I’m good at, something I will keep practising. The new manager at Everton, Marco Silva, is big on it as well, playing out. It’s all about decision-making, doing it at the right times, and I never put myself in too much risk.

“It’s a risk – if it comes off it looks good. But if it doesn’t… It’s a style of play and I think that’s the way Liverpool want to play as well.”

He went on to add, “Mistakes will happen and it’s about not making the next one. I’m going to try not to put myself in that position to make those mistakes.

“It’s the timing of the game, really. You don’t want to get too comfortable if you’re winning and start trying to be a No 10.”


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