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Jose confident on Chelsea’s chances


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is upbeat on his sides chances when his men take on Pep Guardiolas Bayern Munich tonight.

Mourinho also believes its a good test for his men after recently seeing his Champions League draw of Schalke, Basel and Steaua Bucharest.

“It’s good for us, “Before we start the Champions League, it’s very good to play with Bayern.

“I don’t want players to feel that because we were successful in the Europa League, you can keep the same level and you can be successful in the Champions League, because it’s a different planet.

“What I really feel is that in spite of a difference in experience between the two teams and the stability Bayern has – because over the last years they were basically the same team, the same players – we can compete against them.

“And when you compete eye to eye, it means you think you can win and we think we can.”

Guardiola was courted by Chelsea and Manchester City, among others, before opting for the Bundesliga.

Guardiola has talked about how he wants to coach a Premier League club at some point in his managerial career.

“Before I finish my career, sooner or later, I would like to go to England as a trainer, but in a few years,”

“I would like to, first of all, remain as long as possible at this club because I’ve understood quickly how important this club is for the people, not only in Munich, in Germany and all around the world.”

Written by George Coomber



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