Jose Mourinho Admits Tottenham Are Really In Trouble After Leipzig Loss

Jose Mourinho Admits Tottenham Are Really In Trouble After Leipzig Loss

Jose Mourinho admits Tottenham are really in trouble after their 1-0 home defeat to RB Leipzig.

Spurs have lost both their forwards, Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min to injuries, making them very passive during the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 fixture.

Tottenham did come to life late into the game after the introductions of Erik Lamela and Tanguy Ndombele. When suggestions were made if the fans were witnessing the real Spurs after the substitutions, Mourinho replied, “What do you mean by the real Spurs? Come on, let’s be loyal to the boys and tell them they did everything they could do.

“Lamela [one of the substitutes] – you know how many training sessions with the team? Zero. Direct from injury to recovery with physios and then direct to 20 minutes in the Champions League. There are two perspectives – an amazing group and amazing guys but another side you see how we are at the moment. It’s a situation like going to fight with a gun without bullets. You can say we had luck in some moments, but a great goalkeeper made two magnificent saves. I’m not worried with the 1-0 – we can go there and win. What worries me is that these are our players for the next however many matches.

“Moura was absolutely dead, Bergwijn was absolutely dead, Lo Celso was absolutely dead. We are really in trouble. If it was just this game I’d say no problem but we have FA Cup and Premier League games. I know Lamela could only give us 20 minutes and I knew Ndombele could not play for 90 minutes. I tried to manage the pieces I had. Don’t tell me Lamela and Ndombele could have started the game, they couldn’t have started the game.”

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