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Jose Mourinho slams Arsene Wenger


Arsenal boss refused to shake hands after Community Shield

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hit out at rival manager Arsene Wenger following their handshake incident on Sunday afternoon.

The Gunners boss appeared to head straight down the tunnel following the match, and then later ignored Mourinho after the Blues manager congratulated the Arsenal players individually.

And the Portuguese said how he was taken aback by Wenger‘s actions:

Mourinho Not Impressed

“My perspective is one thing is the streets and the other thing is a football stadium,” the Chelsea manager told talkSPORT.

“As a manager in a football stadium, I never refuse a handshake with a rival. By respect of my club and by respect of football I would never refuse a handshake with a football manager in a football stadium.”

A new initiative has been introduced by the FA in an attempt to improve relationships between rival managers towards themselves and to the officials, with Mourinho believing he’s always acted accordingly to those standards.

“I am very happy because last season I had fantastic behaviour on the touchline. I was never sent to the stands, I was never punished for my behaviour.

“I always had good relations with the fourth official I had a new experience in my career, which is always welcome, because I was pushed in the technical area by another manager and it was a good experience for me to keep my emotional control.”



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