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Juan Mata: THIS is important for Man Utd!


Juan Mata says Jose Mourinho has stressed the significance of winning the EFL Cup to Manchester United players.

Juan Mata has insisted that Jose Mourinho has made it very clear to the squad the importance of clinching the EFL Cup.

“Yes. He has told us and I think everyone realises how important it is,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a League Cup final…a final is a final and you never know when you will play one again.

“So you have to take advantage of the chance and try to win it. If you lose it’s a bad feeling.”

A final is always a special day in your career,” he says. “Obviously if you win it’s much better, but playing a final at Wembley in front of lots of our supporters gives the day a different feeling.

I consider myself lucky to have won the trophies I have won, but a final is a day you have to be focused on and you need to try not to make mistakes.

“But also you need to try to enjoy it as well. It’s a special day but without enjoying it you cannot perform at your best level.”

“It was a different situation because we had one more change than normal, we were winning, and he obviously tried to use some time with the change,” he said. “There was a lot of fuss about it but I was calm and happy at the end because the team won.

“I always have believed in myself and I know what I can bring to the team. I always kept my mind focused on what I had to do and helping the team the best I can. The rest I cannot control but that doesn’t matter to me.”


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