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Jurgen Klinsmann Leaves Hertha Berlin After Just Three Months

Jurgen Klinsmann Leaves Hertha Berlin After Just Three Months

Jurgen Klinsmann shockingly resigned from Hertha Berlin manager post after only joining them in November.

He was even heavily backed in the transfer market with Hertha splashing out €80m for Lucas Tousart, Krzysztof Piatek, Matheus Cunha and Santiago Ascacibar.

“Conditions were very difficult for me, perhaps because I’ve had other experiences in other countries. I’ve experienced life in Italy and France and England, of course,” the former Bayern Munich boss said.

“In Germany, we’re used to having a manager on the substitutes’ bench at the side of the pitch and that he participates, that he’s there for the players, and keeps the door open for them. I wasn’t used to that anymore.

“I know the English model for a manager – they’re called managers in England, not coaches – has only one job and that’s being the boss of the club. They’re different in Germany, where everyone gets to have their say, everyone plays a role, the whole management structure.

“In the end only one can decide, and I feel it has to be the coach, and we [him and the club] disagreed there. Unfortunately, we disagreed on many things.”

“A lot of you said it ended in chaos – that’s absolutely not true, absolutely not true,” he continued. “This team is stabilised. We came in and the team was practically in a relegation place, level on points, and now there’s a six-point difference. The team is stabilised and playing in whole different way to the way we found it.

“The goal for the year is survival, next year the goal is towards Europe. The goals are very important. If you don’t have goals, there’s no point in getting out of bed in the morning.”


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