Home Football Jurgen Klopp aims dig at Chelsea’s owners in his final farewell speech

Jurgen Klopp aims dig at Chelsea’s owners in his final farewell speech

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Klopp takes final swipe at Chelsea’s owners during farewell speech

Jurgen Klopp, who recently finished his excellent spell at Liverpool, didn’t mince words against his rivals.

During a farewell event with The Guardian , Klopp made an abrupt jab at Chelsea’s ownership, stating appreciation for Liverpool’s consistent management in contrast to Chelsea’s revolving door of managers.

Klopp openly applauded Liverpool’s ownership for their supporting and consistent approach. He contrasted this with the chaotic reign of Chelsea’s owners, referring to their preference for frequent managerial changes.

“It’s refreshing to work under an ownership that values stability and long-term vision,” Klopp responded, clearly speaking of Liverpool’s firm leadership.

Jurgen Klopp also stated: “We should be really happy that we have these owners and not guys who bought London clubs and other stuff.

I wouldn’t have survived a year at Liverpool (with them in charge). ‘Great development but not good enough, sack him!’

A year later: ‘Sack him’.” 

“Then finally they play football where people think they might be back and they sack the manager anyway.

People always think the grass is greener but we have owners who really feel responsible for the club and work really hard as well to be successful.

I felt supported. We did it as good as we could have done and I’m fine with it.”

Klopp’s words appeared to be colored with lingering dissatisfaction over the recent transfer sagas involving Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia.

With Liverpool’s significant interest, Chelsea signed both highly sought-after players. Klopp’s remarks indicated that these prominent signings were still weighing heavily on his mind.

Fans of Klopp will miss his fiery personality as much as his management abilities.

As Klopp exits the Premier League, his legacy continues to live on, combining outstanding football management with frank, honest comments.

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