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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool Transfer Negotiations UNDERWAY!


Jurgen Klopp has stated Liverpool are currently in talks for potential transfers – and stressed Liverpool is an interesting project.

The Liverpool boss claimed that Liverpool is an interesting project for potential players, and stressed that his side are in a “good way”.

“Liverpool at this moment is a really interesting project for players,” Klopp said ahead of his sides Premier League clash with Crystal Palace.

“It’s a young team, it’s a fantastic club, and it’s a good situation where we really can see the progress. So I would say together with Tottenham, the average age of the team is such that there’s still a lot to come.

“[Tottenham] are obviously a few steps ahead, but they have played longer together. We feel in a good way, and if a player wants to be part of this way, then it’s easier to make this decision this year than last year.

“But actually, not a lot of players told me last year, ‘I don’t want to be part of this, but let me see what happens next year and then we can talk again’.

“It’s more my feeling than what a player thinks. But the talks we’ve had so far are very positive. That doesn’t mean it will all work out, but they all see the progress.”

Liverpool have been linked with all sorts of names over the last few weeks – and it will be interesting to see who Jurgen Klopp has held these talks with.


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