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Jurgen Klopp says that City have alternatives for Kevin de Bruyne


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp claims that Kevin de Bruyne’s injury won’t change a thing. Manchester City’s talisman injured the lateral collateral ligament on his right knee and will be out for 3 months.

Jurgen Klopp was asked by Sky Sports whether De Bruyne’s injury levels the playing field. The German replied, “I think somebody who thinks like that, about a situation like that, is an a**hole, to be honest. I am not like that. First of all, I wish him the absolute very best. I love this player, I wanted him desperately when I was at Dortmund and he was at Chelsea, but Jose didn’t give him to me!

What a season he had, what a World Cup he played. I really feel for him. They have options of course, like they always have options, they brought in Riyad Mahrez, but they can all play in different positions. Bernardo Silva can play a bit deeper, Foden can play in positions, Gundogan can play in positions.

Nobody needs to worry about Man City and their quality, there is still a lot there. We don’t look at the other teams, we really only try to make the best of our situation, and that will hopefully work.”

The much anticipated clash between Liverpool and Manchester City will take place on 7th October at Anfield. The reverse fixture will take place on New Year’s Day.


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