Juventus chief laughs off Ronaldo career-end rumours

Juventus chief laughs off Ronaldo career-end rumours

Fabio Paratici, Juventus sporting director, dismissed any claims of Ronaldo coming to a career-end.

Rumours have come up that Ronaldo might see the end of his football career, especially after not being able to win the sixth Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo simply chose not to go for the Ballon d’Or function, but actually went off to Gran Gala del Calcio in Milan, to receive several other awards as a Serie A player.

Paratici openly scoffed when he was told that Ronaldo might be ‘finished’.

“Cristiano finished? Don’t make me laugh.

“Ronaldo had a knee problem that didn’t allow him to perform at his best, but now he’s coming back stronger than before.”

On the Ballon d’Or, Paratici also said: “For me, Ronaldo also deserved it last season, where he scored [13] goals in the Champions League, many of which were decisive.

“Ronaldo also deserved the Ballon d’Or this season. He is a competitive animal. We have made a good investment with him, he has improved all of us.

“We must accept his hunger, it is what distinguishes him from others. Will he remain with Juventus? Of course.”

Paratici also commended Matthijis De Light’s performance after winning the Kopa trophy. The title was given to the category of best players under the age of 21.

“The more I see of him, the more I think he is a monster. He’s in another category,” Paratici said.

“Do you realise what it means to be a starter at a big club at 20 years old? He was immediately thrown into the fray because of the injury to [Giorgio] Chiellini. He immediately took on great responsibilities, it’s crazy.

“He’s our best young purchase. He will define an era, I’m sure of it.”

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