Home La Liga Atletico Madrid Kieran Trippier facing 6 month ban!

Kieran Trippier facing 6 month ban!

Kieran Trippier facing 6 month ban!

Atletico Madrid defender Kieran Trippier may be in big trouble!

The Atletico Madrid right back has been allegedly accused of mixing himself up with the betting game and is set to face a 6 month ban should he be convicted.

Trippier could be banned from football for a half year originating from supposed infringement from July 2019, when he secured a $38.5 million transfer from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid, according to The Athletic.

The FA isn’t charging that the England national team player actually wager or benefitted off bets, yet wagers were placed by what the report named “a little gathering of companions after discussions on WhatsApp.”

The boards follow a strict rule amidst the huge gambling market that prevails in Europe. This essentially stops the gambling effecting the football results, transfers or any other official activity from being mixed up with wagers.

Last year, another England star Daniel Sturridge was caught in betting charges and had to face time away from the field. It affected his already waning career and he is now finding to tough to get regular football.

Trippier might not have the same drastic effect to his career but it will surely detriment his chances of playing for England with Trent Alexander Arnold, Reece James and Kyle Walker already vying for the same right back spot!

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