Klopp takes heat off of Liverpool!

Jurgen Klopp has taken the pressure off of his side as they prepare for the final game of the season, which will decide their Champions League fate.

The Reds’ will play to cement a place among Europes’ elite, and in a contrast to Pep Guardiola claiming his sides last game of the season is “like a final” – Klopp has taken a different approach.

“[There] are a lot of things you can think about this game but at the end, it is a football game,” Klopp said ahead of the game, which is live on Sky Sports 1 HD.

“First of all, you have to respect the opponent, the rules, the 90 minutes. All the rest, in terms of what it means for us, we can talk about after the game.

“I think never in history someone said before a game: ‘This will be the start of a new era’. Maybe we can mark it in the middle of next season or later but it is not the game.

“If we have enough points after this match day then we deserve to go to the Champions League, if not then we won’t deserve it.”

“The best thing would be if we are 4-0 up after two minutes but that’s not possible. We have to be ready and football games develop,” he said.

“Middlesbrough are a football-playing side. If you give them the opportunity they will play football as they have good players. They want to enjoy their football. They have nil-point-nil pressure, and just want to have a good game.

“That’s not the worst circumstances for playing good football. Everyone can be sure that we will fight for each yard.”




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