Lallana: ‘I want to be more like Cazorla’

Adam Lallana has revealed that he is more comfortable using both feet to control the football, and he uses Santi Cazorla as an influence.

Lallana has the ability to switch from one foot to the other effortlessly, a trait which only a couple of other Premier League players have.

And he cites Cazorla as a model, and said that he studies the Spaniard’s play style to improve his own.

He said: “I’ve always worked on both feet and now, at 26, I feel comfortable on either foot wherever it comes.

“It’s got to the point where I don’t really think about which foot it comes to.

“It’s probably just with games and experience that I kind of forget about it. It’s a nice attribute to have , I look forward to keeping improving and becoming better on my left side.

“I look at Cazorla – he even hits corners in with his weaker foot, that’s quite remarkable. I’ve always watched Cazorla and I think he’s a fantastic player.”


Steve Osborne                  @Pack3rNa7ion

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