Home Football LATEST: Sancho Priced At £120million By Dortmund

LATEST: Sancho Priced At £120million By Dortmund

LATEST: Sancho Priced At £120million By Dortmund

It is no surprising news that Jadon Sancho is being hunted down by some of the world’s biggest clubs, including Manchester United and Chelsea.

Of course, Borussia Dortmund noticed that and without further ado, put a hefty fee of £120million as the asking fee for 19-year old winger.

They will be ready to let go of Sancho soon. They will be cashing in for more than they bought Sancho from Manchester City – a mere 8 million pounds as compared to the heavy price of 120 million pounds now.

Manchester United are currently leading the race to sign and are ready to pay 100 million pounds for his transfer to Old Trafford. That’s definitely more than what they had offered to buy Pogba – 89 million pounds – a record-breaking transfer fee at that point. However, the Bundesliga side is defiant on keep the price fixed on 120 million pounds and won’t budge from that – that puts Manchester United in a bit of a fix.

With 14 Bundesliga goals and 14 assists this season, Sancho is in great form so far. He has caught the eye of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City as well, who won’t have an issue matching the asking price.

However, the English winger doesn’t really think much of the attention he has garnered so far.

He said: ‘I don’t really look at all them things. I just concentrate on my team and take it game by game. That’s the most important thing for me now.’

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