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Who has let their fans down the most this season?


Villa? Chelsea? Arsenal? Newcastle? They’re all in contention…

While most fans are busy egging on Leicester to go and win the Premier League this season, others are sat ruing the missed opportunities of a disappointing season.

It’s obvious that the fans and club board have individual targets they expect their team to achieve at the end of the season. For some, it’s a Champions League qualification, for others it’s to avoid relegation, and for some it’s simply to win the Premier League title.

However, only 4 can make it into Europe’s elite competition, and of course, only one team can be crowned champions of England. Meanwhile, 3 teams have the unfortunate blessing of being relegated every season. Failure to hit these targets leaves a lot of frustrated and unhappy fans, with the optimism they had in August long gone.

Which begs the question, with 5 games to go, who has been the most disappointing side this season? Is it Aston Villa, who sit rock bottom and need a miracle to escape relegation this season? Is it Arsenal, who are set to finish above Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea, but are now out of contention to win the league? Or is it Chelsea, who fell so far after reaching the heights they did last season? We look at 6 contenders who could take the name for ‘the biggest let-down’ of the 2015/16 season.


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