Home Football Who has let their fans down the most this season?

Who has let their fans down the most this season?


Newcastle United

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Their luck might finally be out.

After narrowly avoiding relegation last season on the final day, it appears that Newcastle’s time may have come this season, as they sit 19th with 6 games left to play. They sacked Steve McLaren in March, and have brought in ex-Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez, who still hasn’t won a game yet. The fans are sick of it, as they don’t even feel their team are trying anymore. The Magpies lost 3-1 away at Southampton on Saturday, with Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas describing their defence as ‘the worst he’s ever seen in the Premier League’.

Will Newcastle manage to come up next season if they get relegated? The club is a mess, the owner is displeasing the fans by buying unproven, Benitez is off if the club go down, the players don’t even seem to want to be there. So what next for Newcastle?


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