Lewandowski not for sale, insist Bayern Munich chief executive

 Rummenigge insisted that Lewandowski is not for sale

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has stated it clear that the Polish forward Robert Lewandowski is not for sale at any price.

The player was linked up with many clubs in recent days with Chelsea the latest club to chase him.

Even new head coach Niko Kovac of Munich has stated earlier that they will not let the player leave the club so early, with the chairman also refusing any speculation for the star player.

In his talk with the local newspaper, the Bayern Munich chairman said, “Our door remains closed, the top quality we have at Bayern Munich will stay here,”

He also made it clear that a bid of any amount wont make the club change their decision for the striker.

“With Robert, we clearly want to send a signal to people within and outside the club: Bayern Munich are completely different to other clubs who get weak when certain sums are mentioned,” he added.

“We are completely satisfied with him, and in his position there are only a few players who are comparable.”

“So it’s not in our interest to hand him over – no matter if someone puts 100 or 150 million (euros) on the table.”

The striker was a part of Dortmund for 4 years before leaving the side for their rival, Bayern Munich.

The striker represented Dortmund in over 180 games across all leagues and scored 103 goals for the side. He then moved on to join their rivals Bayern Munich in 2014. He has represented the side in over 190 games and scored in more than 150 occasions. The player has a contract until 2021.

He’s won the Bundesliga title in each of his four seasons at the club and the German Cup in 2016. Lewandowski was also the top scorer in the Bundesliga last season with 29 goals.

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