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Lionel Scaloni talks about the future of Messi’s international career


Argentina interim manager Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi’s future with the national team. Following Argentina’s disappointing exit in the World Cup, there were plenty of speculations regarding Messi’s future with the national team. When Argentina lost the Copa America in 2016, Messi retired from the national team, a decision he would revert.

Messi was not included in Lionel Scaloni’s squad for the friendlies against Guatemala and Colombia. Scaloni said, “We miss him. But we have to let him be, in peace. He has to enjoy his family, his life. We shall see what happens later. Once we have a project, a name (for a new permanent manager), we will see what Leo thinks.”

Many of Messi’s Argentina teammates hope that the 31-year old returns to the national setup soon. Mauro Icardi said, “It’s weird, but it’s good that Lionel Messi takes a break even if people do not take it well. We talked and tried in training, but I lacked time to find a perfect partnership with him. He is the number one in the world.”

Nicolas Tagliafico said, “It is rare to come here and that Messi is not with us. “The most important competition we have is next year (the Copa America), so it’s good to get to know new colleagues.”

Maximiliano Meza said, “He took a well-deserved break, but hopefully he will return soon for the good of us and the one of the squad. Messi is a very important player, even beyond football, he took a well deserved break and now we have to wait for his return, he loves Argentina and wants to achieve important things with the team.”

Messi has started this season very well. In four matches for Barcelona, he has scored four goals and has provided three assists. Argentina won their first match following the World Cup after defeating Guatemala 3-0 at Los Angeles. They next take on Colombia at New Jersey on Tuesday.


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