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LIST: All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers

All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers
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All Time Tottenham Hotspurs Top Goalscorers

All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers? Who are part of Tottenham Hotspurs all time top Goalscorers? Have you ever wanted to find out which players are part of Tottenham all time leading goalscorers? Well, if you have, worry not because we have prepared a list of the All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers. Let’s rundown the list of the All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers

All Time Tottenham Top Goalscorers

2018/19 was the dream season for Tottenham Hotspur. They were in the form of their lives last season, reaching the Champions League final, which they eventually lost to Liverpool. Also, Sours finished fourth on the Premier League table.

In 2014, Tottenham had the 6th best turn over in the Premier League of £181 million. They also have the 6th Highest wage bill in the Premier League of £100 million.

The club is owned by Lewis Joe through Enic International Limited having control over 70.4% while Daniel Levy and the family own the remaining 29.4%.

Harry Kane Effect

Tottenham Top Goalscorer By Season - Since 1992

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Over the years Tottenham have struggled to find a striker who would score more than 30 goals a season to help them win the Premier League title. Since the arrival of Harry Kane into the first team, Tottenham have improved drastically and now considered to be title contenders of the Premier League also following some sells and some good buys.

The Englishman has taken the Premier League by storm winning numerous golden boots at the end of the season. The England striker has been Tottenham’s top scorer for the past 4 season’s scoring more than 30 goals scoring only failing to reach 30 goals during the 2015/16 season falling with 2 goals off the pace.

Last season the talisman scored 48 goals making him the club’s top scorer again at the end of the season.

Things You Need To Know:

  • Harry Kane currently earns £200,000 a week at White Hart Lane. He more than doubled his weekly salary in the last two years because of his red hot form.

Previously we published:

No.PlayerClub appearancesTotal goalsDomestic leagueDomestic CupEurope
1.England Jimmy Greaves379266220379
2.England Bobby Smith3172081762210
3.England Martin Chivers3671741183422
4.England Harry Kane2661741311528
5.Wales Cliff Jones378159135177
6.England Jermain Defoe363143912923
7.England George Hunt198138125130
8.England Len Duquemin307134114200
9.Scotland Alan Gilzean439133932713
10.England Teddy Sheringham27712497270

Player With Most Tottenham Goals of All Time

Tottenham Top Goalscorer By Season - Since 1992

Tottenham Hotspur’s highest ever goalscorer is Jimmy Greaves (266 goals), the highest goalscorer in the history of English top-flight football (357 goals), and has also scored more hat-tricks (six) for England than anyone else. The former Tottenham Hotspurs man scored 226 goals for totenham in total 220 coming in the Premier League, 37 in the domestic cup and 9 in European competitions. The former striker is considered as one of the clubs greatest players.

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