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LIST: Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorers

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorers

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorer

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorer? Who are Liverpool football club’s top goalscorers of all time? Have you ever wanted to find out which players are part of the 10 all time goal scorers list for Liverpool FC? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorer.

Liverpool’s Top Goalscorers of All-Time

Liverpool have the most European Titles than any other English club. They have 18 Premier League Titles and from these facts you can tell as too why many of the Liverpool fans are of old age.

Liverpool during the 1970s and 1980s were very dominant but like all good things have to come to an end, since 1990 Liverpool have struggled to replicate the olden day Liverpool club which won many trophies. In fact Liverpool have not managed to win the Premier League ever since its introduction in 1992. In season 2018/19 they came an inch close but eventually, they ended second with only one point less than champions Manchester City.

Many may be wondering as to why the club has been doing poorly in the past two decades, it’s a surprise because the club has had a number of good players on their team in the past years, the likes of Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush and Luis Suarez.

Today’s Liverpool team looks to be better and improved with inform Mohamed Salah, Roberto Fermino, Sadio Mane, Virgil Van Dijk, Alisson Becker etc..

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Let us run down the list of Liverpool’s All Time Top Goalscorers list.

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorers

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorers

Most Hattricks

Which Liverpool player has scored the most hattricks?  Gordon Hodgson is the Liverpool player with most hattricks he scored 17 hattricks during his time at Liverpool.

Most Goals in a Season

Who which player has scored the most goals in a season?  Ian Rush, 47 (during the 1983–84 season)

Youngest Goalscorer

Who is Liverpool’s youngest goalscorer? Ben Woodburn, 17 years, 45 days (against Leeds United, 29 November 2016)

Most Goals in A Season All Competitions

Which player scored the most goals in all competitions in a single season? Ian Rush.

List of Liverpool’s All Time Top Goal Scorers of All Time

Here is the top 10 all time top goalscorers list. Enjoy!

No. Name Years League[C] FA Cup League Cup Other[D] Total
1 Ian Rush 1980–1987
229 (469) 39 (61) 48 (78) 23 (45) 346 (660)
2 Roger Hunt 1958–1969 245 (404) 18 (44) (10) 18 (34) 286 (492)
3 Gordon Hodgson 1925–1936 233 (358) (19) (0) (0) 241 (377)
4 Billy Liddell 1938–1961 215 (492) 13 (42) (0) (0) 228 (534)
5 Steven Gerrard 1998–2015 120 (503) 15 (40) (28) 42(132) 186 (710)
6 Robbie Fowler 1993–2001
128 (266) 12 (24) 29 (35) 14 (44) 183 (369)
7 Kenny Dalglish 1977–1990 118 (355) 13 (37) 27 (59) 12 (58) 172 (515)
8 Michael Owen 1996–2004 118 (216) (15) (14) 23 (52) 158 (297)
9 Harry Chambers 1915–1928 135 (315) 16 (28) (0) (1) 151 (339)
10 Jack Parkinson 1903–1914 125 (200) (19) (0) (1) 130 (220)

All Time Leading Goalscorers at Liverpool No. 10 – 20

All Time Liverpool top Goalscorer

Liverpool All Time Top Goalscorers

Who’s Liverpool’s all time leading goalscorer? Ian Rush is Liverpool’s All time leading goalscorer with 346 goals scored from 1980 to 1996. The former Liverpool player is considered as one of the greatest strikers to ever play for Liverpool. Rush was very lethal lethal in front of goal and was considered to be a natural goalscorer.

He scored 229 Premier League goals, 38 FA Cup, 49 League cup goals and 23 from other leagues making it a total of 346 making him Liverpool’s All time leading scorer.



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