LIST: Top 10 Arsenal All Time Leading Goalscorers

Top 10 Arsenal All Time Leading Goalscorers

Arsenal All Time Leading Goalscorers

Arsenal All Time Leading Goalscorers? Who is Arsenal’s all time goalscorer? Who are on the list of Arsenal’s Leading goalscorers of all time? Have you ever wanted to find out which players are part of Arsenal’s all time leading goalscorers? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Leading 10 Arsenal All Time Leading goalscorers.

Top 10 Arsenal All Time Leading goalscorers

Over the years Arsenal have had a number of great players who have been considered as one of the greatest to ever grace the footballing world despite the failure to win the Premier League title for over a decade now. The Gunners had been blessed with players like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Pires, Robin Van Persie and many but have failed to bring silverware to their stadium. Some of these players have gone on to score so many goals for the club and have gone to be part of the list of the Gunners all time leading goalscorers.

The Gunners are one of the teams that is often linked with big signings, but in conclusion, one must back when another English team succeeds in signing the targeted player. Sometimes, for Arsenal, it has been very successful and in recent years it has been possible to buy players like Alexis SánchezMesut ÖzilAlexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Let’s find out who are part of Arsenal’s leading scorers list of all time.

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List of Arsenal’s all time Leading goalscorers

Here is the full list of the Gunners all time leading goalscorer. Enjoy!

#NameYearsLeagueFA CupLeague CupEuropeOtherTotal
1France Thierry Henry1999–2007, 2012175 (258)(26)(3)42 (86)(4)228 (377)
2England Ian Wright1991–1998128 (221)12 (16)29 (29)15 (21)(1)185 (288)
3England Cliff Bastin1929–1947150 (350)26 (42)(0)(0)(4)178 (396)
4England John Radford1964–1976111 (379)15 (44)12 (34)11 (24)(0)149 (481)
5England Jimmy Brain1923–1931125 (204)14 (27)(0)(0)(1)139 (232)
England Ted Drake1934–1945124 (168)12 (14)(0)(0)(2)139 (184)
7England Doug Lishman1948–1956125 (226)10 (17)(0)(0)(1)137 (244)
8Netherlands Robin van Persie2004–201296 (193)10 (17)(12)20 (53)(2)132 (278)
9England Joe Hulme1926–1938107 (333)17 (39)(0)(0)(2)125 (374)
10England David Jack1928–1934113 (181)10 (25)(0)(0)(2)124 (208)

Arsenal’s Leading Goalscorer

Top 10 Arsenal All Time Leading Goalscorers

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Who is Arsenal’s all time leading goalscorer? Thierry Henry is the all-time Leading goalscorer for Arsenal. He passed Ian Wright’s eight-year record after scoring twice in a European tie against Sparta Prague in October 2005 and set a new record of 228 goals becoming Arsenal’s all time leading goalscorer. Henry was Arsenal’s leading goalscorer for seven consecutive seasons, from 1999–2000 to 2005–06.

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