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Liverpool fans take to Twitter to condemn Mario Balotelli


Liverpool fans have taken to Twitter in numbers to condemn the actions of Mario Balotelli as he was walking of the pitch for half time this evening against Real Madrid. The Reds forward swapped shirts with Pepe just before the tunnel, showing a complete lack of respect for the Liverpool fans. This also came after another atrocious performance from the Italian.

Brendan Rodgers was quizzed about the incident after the final wistle and the Reds boss said, “It’s not something I stand for. I will deal with it tomorrow.” As you can see with Rodgers’ comments he is also approaching the end of his tether with the Anfield flop.

Here are some tweets by Liverpool fans regarding the bizzare shirt swap;

@SleevesElliott: Quiet as he was in game, wouldn’t be surprised if Balotelli substitution was purely over the shirtswap!!! #cantdothat

@AlJonesLFC: Balotelli should be fined for that shirtswap. Absolute disgrace to the football club

@perrosLFC: That Balotelli shirt swap is disgraceful!

My personal favourote has to go to, @GilchristGeorge: Liverpool should swap Balotelli for a shirt. Might get more movement up front

Will Liverpool look to cut their losses in January and move Balotelli on? As a Liverpool man myself, I hope so.

Written by Ben Waterhouse – @BenWaterhouse_


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