Petr Cech: This is the truth behind Alexis Sanchez’ laugh in Bayern Munich defeat

PETR CECH has revealed the truth behind the moment when Alexis Sanchez infuriated Arsenal fans by appearing to laugh at their drubbing by Bayern Munich.

But after Saturday’s comfortable win released some of the pressure, Cech was keen to put the record straight.

“It is sad and he was as sad as I have seen him,” he said.

“Unfortunately when you say the sentence, ‘Had we scored the second goal everything could look different’ and then you do ‘ooph’ (as in the noise) you know, but in the end the reality is you are 5-1 down, somebody twists it and says you are laughing on the bench.”

“I found it very disrespectful to the player. But obviously you can take the picture and you can interpret it the way you want unfortunately.

“We the players we know exactly what he said and we know how he was hurting and he was as disappointed as anybody else. It is unfortunate and disappointing.”

Everybody has to share the responsibility for the position we are in and everybody has to work to get ourselves out of it,” he said.

“This week after Bayern especially was a difficult three days, we had to make sure we got ready and we got ready and this is the reaction you need.

“Well, we booked our place at Wembley and we are looking forward to the semi-final, which is always great. But obviously we need to improve the form in the league, this is what’s going to be crucial now.”

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