Louis Saha hails Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo for his immense dedication towards the sport. He believes that it’s the Portuguese will and desire to succeed is the main reason behind United’s Juve’s success.

“All I can say to you frankly is that I appreciate Cristiano, even more, today seeing him play with Juventus because the guy is way older than when I first met him and played with him,” said the Frenchman, who spent four years alongside Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

“What he does right now as a footballer, it is insane. The physicality that he has still got, that drive. Imagine the impact he would have on the forwards that we have right now.”

“They would see the obsession that this guy has got and that would be a great example. He is more obsessed than anybody I have seen.”

“Even [Ruud] Van Nistelrooy was not in his league in the way that he is acting in front of goal. He wants every ball over the 90 minutes and it is a joy to see.”

“His dedication is unbelievable so to see him back at United would be more than a dream, because I’m sure that he would have a massive impact. Maybe less goals, but it would be amazing.”

“It was insane. He was always early doing his prevention work to make sure that his body was super fit,” Saha added. “Then, after the session, I remember we would run a few full-lengths of the pitch, and he was dribbling at full pace.”

“When you think it is all natural, it is hard work. People think that he could just dribble but it was hard work building that control of the ball.”

“It is amazing because the most important element of his hard work is his belief. He knows how good he is because he worked hard, and when you work hard you don’t have any doubts. It’s like working for an exam, when you know that you have worked hard, you will get the result.”

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