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Lovren: “I dreamt about playing for Bayern Munich”


Former Southampton defender Dejan Lovren has spoken publicly about how it’s always been a dream of his to play for Bayern Munich.

“When I was a kid I had a dream about [playing for] Bayern Munich, they were my team,” said Lovren. “I had my photos taken with Giovanni Elber, Basler, Lizarazu. I have all these pictures in my room.

“I would go to the training ground to see them. The guys here at Melwood waiting? That was me.

“So I stop. Every time. I know what it means for the mother and father to see their child smiling after the autograph. Nobody should mind giving up 10 minutes.”

The Croatian makes his Liverpool debut against his former employers Southampton today, and won’t be effected by the booing and whistles coming from the away end.

Lovren has also spoken about how he came to love Bayern Munich as a boy, and how he and his family fled to Germany during the time of a war zone in Bosnia (where Lovren was raised).

“It was horrible in this time,” said Lovren. “The family left because of the war. If we stayed, somebody would be killed. We took the bags, one little car and we were in Germany.

“There was an attack on the market a year after we left, a lot of people were killed.

“It was really difficult for my parents to leave the country at 27, 28 years old, and say, ‘Come on, we need to go to Germany’.

“It was normal in Germany at that time to accept the immigrants. What can you say to them? Say no and send them back and they will be killed?

“But you don’t speak German, you don’t know anything about this, you are going like a blind man, and with a child like me at three years old.”

Following his transfer to Liverpool this summer, he reflects on how far he has developed as a player and as an individual.

“I’m proud about this. I know where I came from. It will always be in me. Maybe it was better to happen like this than have a ‘good’ childhood when you don’t know the real life.”

Lovren admitted that he initially had regrets about his £20,000,000 move to Liverpool from Southampton, but denies threatening to go on strike in order to force Southampton’s hand in the move.

“Maybe there is a little bit of regret.

“I said to them I want to leave because Liverpool is a massive club and maybe I will have this chance just one time in my life.

“It was not so easy at the beginning. After the World Cup, it was a little bit like shaking. It was a difficult relationship but at the end everybody agreed and that’s the most important.

“I shook their hands, said goodbye so now it is finished.”

The Croatian made an immediate impact on his new side following his goal in Liverpool’s triumphant pre season victory against Borussia Dortmund.

Written by Joey Anthony


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