Luis Figo reveals truth behind romantic ties with Pep

Luis Figo reveals truth behind romantic ties with Pep

Luis Figo has revealed the truth behind rumours of him and Pep being romantically involved.

He has denied any such romantic ties and has dismissed any such rumours, saying that they were simply good friends.

“Guardiola was a great friend,” Figo told ICON, as per AS.

“He helped me a lot. He was my roommate, but there was nothing. I like women.”

“Football is very cruel,” Figo added when asked why no La Liga players have come out as gay.

“You play every Sunday and you’d be criticised for that and not your performance. It will be for protection [that nobody has come out], not because of shame.”

Currently, Figo has a wife – Helen Svedin – and has three daughters. Guess the rumours weren’t true after all!

Ronaldo, Figo’s Real Madrid teammate once said, “If I had the wife that Figo does, I would always stay at home.”

“I had already known about [the comment], because he had said it in the dressing room,’ he told El Hormiguero as he sat alongside model Svedin in the studio.

“But I forgive Roni because he always joking.

“What he doesn’t know is that I would leave the house when my wife would fall asleep!”

Figo has long forgiven Ronaldo for that comment!

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