Maguire Issues VAR Warning

Harry Maguire has issued a warning regarding VAR.

The England international has said that defenders should not be made to stop making contacts with the opponents via VAR.

England and Leicester City defender Harry Maguire has issued a warning regarding the usage of VAR to stop making contact against opponents to restrict them from advancing into the box. However, he has also said that he expects the system to be a success in the long run.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the England international said, “I do believe there still has to be some contact in the game, because if you are not bumping into your man at a corner you are not getting tight enough.”

He added, “A little push or a nudge should not be enough for a penalty, but being silly by grabbing someone round the neck is obviously different. It’s up to the laws as to what is deemed soft, but I don’t think you can outlaw all contact in the box because that’s how you defend – you get tight to your man and try to use your strength.”

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