Manchester City Close To Becoming Richest Premier League Club

Manchester City Close To Becoming Richest Premier League Club

Manchester City are catching up to their next-door rivals in terms of profits. The Citizens just recorded their highest revenue of £535.2m.

That is a 6% jump from the previous year and could rise by June 2020. Manchester United, on the other hand, are facing a slow descent in their revenue stream.

They are still the richest Premier League club but not for long. Due to their absence from the Champions League, their number could fall significantly, experts predict. City have a strong chance of overtaking them this very campaign due to their record deal with Puma at the beginning of 2019.

City’s chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak said: “The organisation is now at a level of maturity that enables us to plan on multi-year cycles both in terms of our management of squads and more widely across the business. This strategic planning has allowed us to create an environment in which continued on-pitch success is both possible and likely, and financial sustainability is a reality.”

The chief executive, Ferran Soriano also added, “We can all be sure that we will be focused, resilient and consistent in our approach. Victories are not accidents. They are the product of careful planning, consistent hard work and the acknowledgment of the need to stay humble and hungry.”

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