Manchester United are planning a £35 mil bid for Real Madrid star

Manchester United are planning on a £35mil bid for Sami Khedira in january. The manchester side are keeping an eye on the midfielder as they are looking to improve their side. The defending english champions are so interested that they sent Phil Neville to watch the 7-3 win over Sevilla. They previously made a bid in the summer that was turned down by the spanish side. The german missed out on a move to england after Moyes signed Marouane Fellaini who hasn’t made much of an impact.

Due to an injury to the wrist the Belgian international is unavailable which means that the choice of midfielders at the Red Devils is very limited. The 26 year old isn’t the only Madrid player they’re interested they have also shown an interest in Fabio Coetrao.

By Billy Foster 

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