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Mark Lawrenson predictions for weekend


Mark Lawrenson Premier League predictions for weekend

BBC pundit goes up against sprinter Usain Bolt. BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson is going head-to-head with the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, this week as they both try and predict the results for this weekend’s Premier League games, including the Manchester derby on Sunday.

Every weekend, the Match of the Day pundit predicts the weekend’s results and then gives his opinion on each game.

This week it is Usain Bolt’s turn to go up against Lawrenson as every new gameweek, there is a new celebrity taking on the former-Liverpool defender.

Below you can see both Bolt’s and Lawrenson’s predictions.

(You should note, Bolt is a Manchester United fan, so some of his results are a bit biased)

Norwich vs Aston Villa

Lawro – 1-1 : Bolt – 1-0

Liverpool vs Southampton

Lawro – 2-0 : Bolt – 0-1

Newcastle vs Hull City

Lawro – 2-0 : Bolt – 1-1

West Brom vs Sunderland

Lawro – 2-0 : Bolt – 2-1

West Ham vs Everton

Lawro – 2-1 : Bolt – 1-2

Chelsea vs Fulham

Lawro – 2-0 : Bolt – 3-1

Arsenal vs Stoke City

Lawro – 2-0 : Bolt 0-1

Crystal Palace vs Swansea City

Lawro – 2-1 : Bolt – 0-2

Cardiff vs Tottenham

Lawro – 0-2 : Bolt – 0-3

Manchester City vs Mancester United

Lawro – 0-0 : Bolt – 1-2


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