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Marouane Fellaini shaw is sorry


Everton star-man, Marouane Fellaini has apologised this evening for headbutting Stoke City defender, Ryan Shawcross during their 1-1 draw in today’s Premier League match.

Match officials missed the incident during the game, but after looking at several replays after the match, it is clear that the Belgium midfielder forced his head into Shawcross’ chin.

Following the game, Everton manager, David Moyes, said that Fellaini should be banned and that his actions were not acceptable. Later on after the game, the midfielder made a statement himself to the official club website.

‘I apologise completely to Ryan Shawcross, my team-mates and to our fans at the game,’ said Fellaini.

‘There was a lot of pushing and pulling going on inside the Stoke penalty area and I didn’t feel I was getting any protection from the officials.

‘Nevertheless I know I shouldn’t have done what I did.

‘I have also apologised to the manager and the staff. I have no excuses, I was disappointed with the way I was being treated and I lost my temper, which was unprofessional of me.’

Despite apologising, Fellaini is certain to be punished by the Football Association for the headbutt and for now he can only wait until the disciplinary panel review it later this week.

After the game, manager, David Moyes, said the following:

‘We will take the punishment if it is given for it,’ Moyes said.

‘I have told him (Fellaini) in the dressing room that it is not acceptable – I won’t accept it as a manager that he does that.’

Alex William Batt


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