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Maurizio Sarri does not want VAR in the Premier League


Sarri says Premier League referees are not ready to use the VAR system

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri insisted that the referees in England are not yet ready to use the VAR system following the controversy in the Carabao Cup on Monday night.

The former Napoli manager is very much familiar with the VAR rule from his days in Italy but he is personally against the use of such a system in competitive matches.

Sarri was at the receiving end of the VAR controversy earlier in the week as Harry Kane’s gave Spurs the advantage in the Carabao Cup semi-final from the penalty spot after his run was deemed onside by the video assistant.

The referee in charge of VAR for that game, Chris Kavanagh, will officiate Chelsea’s Premier League match against Newcastle at Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening, but Sarri said: “The problem is not the referee.

“The problem, for me, is that they are not ready to use VAR. The linesman stopped his run and for a player, this is the signal of offside.

“But it’s normal. They are using the system for the first time so they need to get used to using the system.

“I don’t like the video assistant referee, that’s my opinion. We risk changing the atmosphere in the stadium. You score but you have to wait 30 seconds to celebrate. It’s negative for the atmosphere in the stadium.

“I am used to playing with the system, because in Italy we used it, starting three years ago. I don’t like it. I don’t know what to say.”



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