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Michael Ballack: ‘My advice to Chelsea legend John Terry’


Ballack has pleaded to John Terry that he be 100 precent sure about his next move before he commits to anything.

Terry has made just five appearances in the Premier League under Conte this season and reports are indicating that the veteran Blues captain will be leaving Stamford Bridge in the summer.

Chelsea Legend Michael Ballack has given Terry some sound advice on the next big move of his career.

Ballack told Sky Sports: “He’s a player with such history and charisma, he is such a Chelsea boy and they love him there.

“I know what it means when your career is going to the end and you’re getting older and you don’t really know what you’re doing.

“Do you extend your contract or do you go and play for another club? Should you go abroad or to America or another country?

“I’m sure he has some options but if you think long-term you have to feel comfortable with your decision.

“If you don’t feel really comfortable with what you’re going to do then don’t do it, that’s my main advice.

“It’s not always easy to make a decision. When you make a decision you must be convinced with your decision.

“He can’t do anything wrong with the career he’s had so he should fell happy and calm and take his time.

“I hope he will make the right decision.”

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